Mailing Tubes

Mailing Tubes

When considering packaging ideas, tubes can be a good choice. Our Mailing tubes are good for longer items. Sometimes it can be hard to find a box that fits a longer narrow product, like important paperwork or documents such as posters, blueprints, and artwork that you can roll up so as not to bend these products causing creases. 

That’s where our mailing tubes come in. With sizes ranging from  1” ½ to 4” in diameter and lengths from 6” to 48” long. Another thing to consider when choosing tubes is the wall thickness. (Thickness of the tube)Please see below for the various tubes we offer.

Standard Mailing Tubes

Made with three-ply construction and they come with white plastic end caps included. When choosing the size mailing tube, you need to select a length. The length of these tubes are the inside dimensions. For example, when you order a 12” long mailing tube, you get 12” of useable length space as the tubes are slightly longer to accommodate the end caps

Kraft Heavy-Duty Mailing Tubes

 Help cut packaging costs with kraft heavy duty tubes.
• Extra strong .125 – 3-ply spiral wound construction.
• Rigid tubes resist bending and crushing.
• Plastic End Caps are included inside each case.

Colored Mailing Tubes

These mailing tubes come in various colors and can help differentiate the different items you are shipping. They are also made with three-ply spiral wound construction, and like the others include 2 caps for each end of the tube.

White Mailing Tubes

These mailing tubes can be used like all the others. They have the same functionality as the kraft tube. The major difference is that these mailing tubes are white should that be your preference.

Telescoping Mailing Tubes 

These tubes are heavy-duty 1/8” spiral wound construction; it comes with a metal cap on one end and a removable 6” cap on the outside instead of the white plastic caps as with the other tubes.

Corrugated Mailing Tubes 

These are square and are made of the same material as a standard single wall box. They come to you flat, and you fold them up to create the mailing tube. These are ideal when your product is not round but you need the length. 

As you can see, we have a lot of different types of mailing tubes. Should you require any assistance selecting a tube feel free to reach out to us at 860-675-8500 or select the contact us form on the home page of the website.

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