Corrugated Boxes and Shipping Boxes

No matter your shipping needs, we've got you covered at East Coast Packaging LLC

Our corrugated boxes and shipping boxes are good for shipping and storing your products. No matter what you send to your customers or the inventory you want to keep boxed up in your warehouse, we can help.

If you're wondering where to buy shipping boxes, simply buy corrugated boxes from us and we'll promptly prepare you order. Whether it’s white corrugated boxes, long boxes, master cartons, side-loading boxes or an entirely different kind of corrugated box product, we’ll help you find a solution for your packaging and shipping needs.

When you purchase our shipping boxes we will ship them to you as quickly as we can. We will always do our best to take care of you and your needs. When you choose East Coast Packaging LLC, you don’t only get a product provider. You gain a knowledgeable and helpful partner.

Why Should I Buy Corrugated Boxes?

Corrugated boxes are made of layers of cardboard, with different thicknesses, and are recyclable and cost-effective. The different thicknesses offer good value in terms of weight and strength, helping to protect products on warehouse shelves and in the supply chain.

Whether you've been buying boxes for years or it's your first time out, buying corrugated boxes from us can help your company save money. Because you can use our boxes for your specific business needs.

When you buy our shipping boxes, we will give you last column pricing instead of tiered pricing, which makes the process that much easier. And with plenty of corrugated shipping boxes at your disposal, you'll get our best prices and product no matter the size of your order.

Here at East Coast Pkg,LLC selling corrugated boxes is what we do. It’s our business to understand the major and minor differences between boxes and the materials they’re made of.

We can use that knowledge to make your company’s shipping and packing efforts more successful and efficient. If you need a corrugated box with special qualities, like high durability or a unique shape, we’ll help you find one.

Send out your products, pack, store and transport all kinds of items in our shipping boxes. They're easy to assemble and use.

From plain stock boxes to cubes, heavy-duty boxes and even multi-depth boxes, we have all types, and that makes us one of the best places to buy corrugated cardboard boxes.

We also provide file storage boxes, white boxes, layer pads, long boxes and tall boxes, as well as telescoping boxes, flat boxes and printer boxes. We can even provide you insulated shippers and cold packs. And if you need boxes for air freight and bulk cargo containers, we have that, too.

Get started today with a corrugated box company that does it all. Contact us directly at 860-675-8500 or fill out our contact form here.