Corrugated Mailers: What You Need to Know

East Coast Packaging , LLC provides a line of corrugated mailers to give your packaging a simplified and professional look.

Our inventory includes:

  • Bin boxes
  • CD/DVD mailers
  • Corrugated mailing tubes
  • White corrugated mailers
  • Literature mailers

Corrugated bookfolds. We have a variety of corrugated mailers in different shapes, styles and sizes to meet nearly any customer’s need.

What Is the Difference Between Corrugated Boxes and Corrugated Mailers?

A corrugated mailer is flat and folds up to create its shape, requiring no tape to set up. A regular box, known as an RSC (regular slotted carton), requires tape to fold up and put together. We also have other styles of shipping boxes and mailers, depending on your needs.

Corrugated mailers are designed with layers of material. They consist of an inside liner, outside liner and an extra layer of protective fluted stock between the two. Because of the material and structure, corrugated mailer boxes are lightweight, durable during the shipping process.

You can count on corrugated mailers to keep a variety of products safe. That includes everything from small items to books and all sorts of other media. The extra protection that corrugated mailers offer make them especially popular for sending products to customers.

Looking for rigid mailers that don’t require tape, glue or staples to secure? East Coast Packaging, LLC corrugated mailing boxes fold together in seconds and ensure a smooth and seamless transfer of goods.

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