Stuffing Paper For Shipping

Protective wraps like indented kraft paper can be used when when it comes to shipping essential products. Each type of stuffing paper for shipping is designed to assist in protecting your products.

What is Indented Kraft Paper?

Indented kraft paper is created from a chemical pulp with high elasticity and high tear resistance. This strength can help ensure that everything remains intact throughout the shipping process and helps to provide the safety and security while transporting your products.

Types of Stuffing Paper For Shipping to Consider

At East Coast PKG, LLC we provide a variety of protective wraps and stuffing paper for shipping.

    • Bogus Kraft Paper
    • Butcher Paper
    • Freezer Paper
    • Indented Kraft Paper
    • Kraft Paper
    • Newsprint
    • Poly Coated Kraft Paper
    • Roll Paper Cutters
    • Single Face Corrugated Protective Wraps
    • Tissue Paper
    • VCI Paper
    • Waxed Paper
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