Poly Mailers

Poly mailers keep your items safe and secure during the shipping process. Our self-seal poly mailers are designed with a white polyethylene exterior and are available with and without a bubble-lined interior. Because they are self-seal, no tape, glue, or staples are required to keep the poly mailers shut. Instead, peel the adhesive sticker away and stick the opening to the envelope.

What Are the Benefits of Self Seal Poly Mailers?

  • Lightweight packaging option
  • Makes for a more secure shipping experience with a reduced risk of item damage in transit.
  • It saves time and money in wrapping items before packaging them.
  • No tape, glue, or staples requirement to close the envelope.
  • Made of a durable polyethylene exterior which helps to protect against rain and snow.

Why Should You Buy Self Seal Mailers?

Self seal mailers are perfect for businesses looking to transport small items with peace of mind. These mailers make packaging and shipping faster, safer, and more efficient.

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