Our packing list envelopes are designed to help you secure transfer packing slips and other important shipping documents with any package. Instead of jamming papers in the box without peace of mind, you can use our invoice enclosed envelopes to attach directly to your shipment box.

Packing list enclosed envelopes are beneficial for many reasons:
    • Prevent access to important shipping information
    • Protect from inclement weather like rain or snow
    • Provide security from other common wear and tear conditions during transit
At East Coast PKG, we have three different types of clear envelopes for transport:
    • Clear face document envelopes
    • Invoice envelopes
    • Packing list enclosed envelopes
Don’t let delivery drivers and other logistics staff keep your packages from getting where they need to be. Contact us directly at 860-675-8500, fill out our contact form, or browse our packing list envelopes today to find the best option for your business.