Manufacturers, packers, and shippers need to do everything they can to save money while also ensuring that the goods and wares they’re shipping make it to their destination safely. With the risk of missing pieces, it’s suggeted that you have the right poly bags to help contain your items to prevent things from getting lost.

Poly Mailers are a great way to secure small items and distribute them in various containers to help prevent them from banging around in large boxes or simply moving about freely and getting mixed up.

We have dozens of options of various sizes, shapes, and material types to help ensure you have a variety of poly bags you need to help with your shipping or warehousing.

Reclosable Poly Bags

Our resealable poly bags can be a good choice for items that can easily fall out, and with easy to close,durable zippers our poly bags can help ensure that your items wont fall out during transit.

Easy to Label

Some of our poly bags are easy to label, especially when you order poly bags with a pre-printed white block to help in labeling the bags.

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