Corrugated Boxes and Shipping Boxes

No matter your shipping needs, we've got you covered. Our corrugated boxes and shipping boxes are perfect for shipping and storing your products. If you're wondering where to buy shipping boxes, simply buy corrugated boxes from us and we'll ensure that you get precisely what you ordered. When you purchase our shipping boxes we will ship them directly to you, saving you time. We will always do our best to take care of you and your needs.

Why buy corrugated boxes?

Whether you've been buying boxes for years or it's your first time out, buying corrugated boxes from us can help save money and you can use those boxes for your specific needs. When you buy our shipping boxes, we will give you last column pricing instead of tiered pricing which makes it easy. And with plenty of corrugated shipping boxes at your disposal, you'll be getting our best prices.

Here at East Coast PKG, selling corrugated boxes is what we do. Send out your products, pack, store and transport all kinds of items in our shipping boxes. They're easy to assemble.

From plain stock boxes to cubes, heavy duty boxes and even multi-depth boxes, we sell it all, and that makes us one of the best places to buy corrugated cardboard boxes. We also sell file storage boxes, white boxes, layer pads, long boxes and tall boxes, as well as telescoping boxes, flat boxes and printer boxes. We'll even sell you insulated shippers and cold packs. And if you need boxes for air freight and bulk cargo containers, we have that, too.

Get started today with a corrugated box company that does it all. Contact us directly at 860-675-8500 or fill out our contact form here.