Carton Sealing Tape

Carton Sealing tape Carton sealing tape, commonly known as packing tape, is a pressure-sensitive tape specifically designed for sealing cardboard boxes or cartons. Its primary function is to secure the contents of a package during transit,  helping to protect them from damage or tampering. The tape is typically composed of three layers: a backing material, […]

Mailing Tubes

Mailing Tubes Mailing tubes are cylindrical cardboard containers that are used to safely transport documents, artwork, and other types of rolled materials through the mail. They are a popular choice for shipping items that need to remain flat and uncreased, as well as for items that are too large or awkward to fit in standard […]

What are the benefits of open-end(lay flat) poly bags?

Regular Open/Layflat End Poly Bags Poly bags come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. The most common poly bags are open-end/layflat poly bags. Standard lay flat poly bags are made with the material called Low-density polyethylene ( LDPE)  similar to a sandwich bag without the zip. They usually come clear so you can easily see […]

Packing List Envelopes

What Are Packing List Envelopes? Packing list envelopes are made of plastic and have adhesive on the back so you can easily attach important shipping documents or invoices directly onto your package. Types of Packing List Envelopes There are many different types of packing list envelopes. Let’s start with the most basic ones. Determining which […]

The Differences Between Poly Mailers and Bubble Mailers

Poly Mailers vs Bubble Mailers We have a lot of different mailers for your shipping needs. One question we’re often asked is which mailers are better between poly mailers vs bubble mailers. Poly mailers are made of strong polyolefin which helps with water, puncture, tamper, and tear-resistant tear-resistant applications. With a white outer surface and a […]