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Free shipping is often considered a major attraction for consumers during the buying process. In fact, a survey by Walker Sands found that 90% of consumers say that free shipping is the biggest incentive to shop online.

 A lot of our competitors offer free shipping. But is it really free shipping?

The answer is, no, it’s most likely not.

In reality, there’s always a cost to ship products to customers. What our competitors do is hide that cost in the price you pay for the product.

Essentially,- it’s a free shipping gimmick.

You think you’re getting something for free, which often makes you justify the purchase you’re making.

Beyond the free shipping gimmick, they may also put a very low price on popular items which makes you feel good, while simultaneously marking up the other items at a higher price.

We suggest that you may want to consider this information while searching for the products that you need. At East Coast Packaging, LLC We do our best on all items across the board to give you the best price we can.. We do business fairly and honestly…. every day!

We hope that our business practices and our ethics help us to earn your business.

Thank you

Laura LaChance