The Truth About Free Shipping

Thank, you for considering East Coast Packaging  for your packaging needs.

We offer quality products at great prices.

 Please take a look at the cost for your entire 
order and compare our cost with freight
versus our competitors pricing with
their so called “Free Freight”

A lot of our competitors offer free shipping. But is it really free?
NO – most likely it is not

The reality is there is always a cost to ship product to customers and what our competitors do is hide that cost into the price you pay for product.
It’s a Gimmick, It’s a trick

You think that you are getting something for free which makes you feel good about the purchase you are making!

Another thing our competitors do is to put a very low price on a popular item and then put a very high mark up on all their other items. They lure you in to make you feel good about getting the popular item for a low price and then you happily purchase a few other items at much higher markups.  

We respectfully ask that you keep your eyes open for these misleading and dubious tactics.

We keep our prices fair on all items across the board – not just a few to lure you in so that we can over charge you on the other items.

We do business fairly and honestly…. every day!

We hope that our business practices and our ethics help us to earn your business.

Thank you

Laura LaChance