Edge Protectors

Edge protectors
If you are looking to stabilize or increase the strength of a shipment, you may want to consider using edge protectors.

Edge protectors (sometimes also called corner boards) are made with multi-layers of paperboard that are laminated together and are molded into a right angle providing good strength. The more layers of material the stronger the edge protectors become.

Common thicknesses are .120,.160 and .225. Depending on your needs would depend on which thickness you may need. Edge protectors can be used on the top, bottom, and all four corners of the shipment. They also come in different widths and lengths.

Edge protectors can help during shipping as they help to eliminate shifting and add extra strength should you put one pallet on top of another giving it more strength to endure the shipment. Edge protectors can also help with long term storage by giving more strength to the skids that are being stored to help with the weight of the pallets.

You can purchase edge protectors either by the box or if you have a larger need, you can purchase the edge protectors in pallet quantities. You can purchase them plain or printed with “Do not double stack” on them. This will help to notify the transit companies that you do not wish to have a second pallet put on the first pallet.
Plain edge protectors are usually less expensive than printed ones, so if you do not mind having your skids double stacked you can save money by using the plain ones.

Edge protectors usually come white on the outside and help to avoid cutting of your shipment when usingsteel or plastic strapping.

East Coast Packaging, LLC has many sizes and thicknesses of edge protectors available to you. Should you have any questions on edge protectors please contact us and we will be glad to help.

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