What Are Reclosable Poly Bags?

Reclosable poly bags, also known as ziplock bags, are plastic bags that have a zip-like closure mechanism, allowing the bag to be opened and closed repeatedly. The bags are made from polyethylene, a plastic material that is durable and resistant to moisture, punctures, and tears. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and thicknesses to meet different packaging needs.

Reclosable poly bags are commonly used in many industries for packaging and storing a wide range of products such as food items, medicines, jewelry, hardware, and documents. They are especially popular for packaging items that need to be accessed frequently, as the resealable closure allows the contents to be easily opened and closed without the need for additional packaging.

Some common uses of reclosable poly bags include:

  • Storing and organizing small items like screws, nails, and other hardware
  • Packing and preserving food items like snacks, sandwiches, and vegetables
  • Packaging and shipping small products like jewelry, cosmetics, and electronics
  • Protecting important documents from water and other environmental damage

Overall, reclosable poly bags offer a convenient and versatile packaging solution that is easy to use and cost-effective. For more information on these bags contact us or call 860-675-8500

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