The Differences Between Poly Mailers and Bubble Mailers

Poly Mailers vs Bubble Mailers

We have a lot of different mailers for your shipping needs. One question we’re often asked is which mailers are better between poly mailers vs bubble mailers. Poly mailers are made of strong polyolefin which helps with water, puncture, tamper, and tear-resistant tear-resistant applications. With a white outer surface and a silver lining to provide excellent opacity. self-seal lip and tape provides quick and easy closure. High-strength seams keep contents secured even when overstuffed. 

Different types of poly mailers

There are two types of poly mailers with and without bubble. The bubble-lined poly mailers have 3/16″ bubble lining which helps cushion products during shipment. These bubble mailers feature a convenient peel and seal closure. The smooth exterior makes labeling these bubble poly mailers easy. They are moisture resistant. and tear and tamper-resistant.

Different types of bubble mailers

There are also different types of paper bubble mailers. The paper bubble mailers and poly mailers are bubble lined on the inside with bubble. Our paper bubble mailers come in a kraft or a white color. The kraft bubble mailers are a golden brown and is a lightweight bubble mailer to help save on postage costs.  

Our paper bubble mailers are constructed from attractive, 100% recycled, golden kraft paper, with high slip 3/16″ bubble for easy product insertion. They are self-seal with a convenient, tamper-evident, peel and stick lip.

We get questions on our paper mailers and poly mailers which come with or without the inside bubble lining. Here are some questions and answers that might give you more information.

Are poly mailers cheaper than bubble mailers? 

Due to various sizes. The cost depends on which size you choose. However, generally, the paper mailer is less expensive than poly mailers due to the fact that poly mailers have an outside layer of polyolefin plastic which is better to keep your product dry. The white paper bubble mailers are a little more costly as the white bubble mailers paper is more expensive than the kraft bubble mailers.

Which shipping companies can you use to ship out the poly mailers or paper bubble mailers?

Most companies accept these to ship, including United Parcel Service (UPS), FedEx, and the US Postal Service.

As you can see our poly mailers and bubble mailers may be a good fit for your shipping needs. For a list of sizes please see our listing on our website under Mailing Envelopes.